Our Story

It all began on a New Orleans get away over 2 years ago. While strolling up and down Royal Street in the French Quarter I kept getting drawn to the same gallery window. The magnificent glass pieces displayed there stopped me in my tracks every time I passed by.

Eventually my significant other and I ventured into the gallery, we were blown away by the glass and steel art inside.

That was the beginning of the inspiration…..

Unbeknownst to me, my significant other started having thoughts of making a modest birthday gift of garden art for me out of used motorcycle parts, car parts and recycled glass. He did so in secret and on my birthday the modest gift turned out to be 21 creations that we have since named “Moto Buddha’s. The project began simply enough with recycled items found online but before the first one was completed, more parts were ordered for a second variation. Ideas for a third, forth and fifth version were envisioned and more parts were obtained. A creative fire had been lit and in the span of a few months the 21 original “Moto Buddha’s” were gifted to me. Some grand, some illuminated, all unique and crated with great care.




As time passed, the creative experiments did not stop. A collection of recycled / repurposed glass began to adorn various recycled parts from motorcycles and cars. Glass skulls were added to our creations. Desk dogs appeared and while I profess that I didn’t see the charm at first several of them keep me company at work and I now consider them my treasures. Several clocks were constructed from recycled automotive flywheels and while we’re not the first to craft them, we’re proud of the the ones we build. Another birthday arrived and this time three unique pairs of candlesticks made from recycled motorcycle camshafts were gifted. Recycled crankshafts have recently found their way into our workshop and the experimentation thus far has produced interesting Buddhas’, dogs, cats, garden ornaments and more…

After a few of these birthdays, I began to realize that this is a gift that keeps giving. There was some kind of excitement inside of me that wanted expend my energy here.

I have been in fashion retail for the past 30+ years. It’s time to repurpose!! The floodgates started to open. How can I refine the details of the product? How can I broaden the assortment? What about cost?

The two of us have always balanced each other in everything we set out to achieve.

Why not this?

Prada to Moto. Change is good.

His mechanical wizardry and great eye combined with my 30+ years of fashion technical design and retail experience feel like a great combination.

We get to have fun, utilize our talents, be together and most importantly provide unique conversational art to you.


Julie Koch

Carl William Ungar

The Inspired Moto